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The 2017 LA Indie Improv Festival Is Happening This Weekend (Don’t Miss It)



We don’t have DCM in LA, but we’ve got improv festivals-a-plenty. 

One of the ones that you should absolutely catch is the LA Indie Improv Festival that happens with almost 200 teams between two venues (The Clubhouse and Lyric Hyperion) this weekend (8/12 & 8/13).

Slated to perform are many of LA’s best improvisers including such teams as:

Private Street, Boss Jr., The Faculty, Some Kinda Monster, Arts & Athletics, Rococo, Jacob Wysocki Makes Improvisers Do Short Form, Three Princes, Crashbar, The Colin Kaepernicks, Convoy, Outside Dog, Big Grande, and Dopetown 3000 (on a bus).

Oh, we should mention that it’s free to attend.

Get more details and a complete schedule here.



Tonight Copycat with Stuffed Crust 7pm - Tickets:


Channel 101 - Street Cleaning - Episode 10

Proud to be part of the Street Cleaning series finale @channel101tumblr 

Watch here:

Created by: Nick Hurley and Ted Marsden


Mark David Christenson | - Los Angeles

My schedule has opened up a bit more in order to coach improv therefore I would love to coach your teams or sub when your regular coaches aren’t available and help out those auditioning for Harold Night this year!
Check out my open schedule on:
Reach out to me at:


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RIP Martin Landau - A wonderful henchman in North by Northwest, a beautiful guilt ridden man in Crimes & Misdemeanors, and a perfect Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood plus much much more!


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RIP George A. Romero - THANK YOU for sparking the imaginations of so many creators and many more to come. True example of staying true to independent roots yet encouraged and celebrated those who played with your timeless creation, ZOMBIES! [even if you thought Walking Dead and World War Z ruined Without you I wouldn’t have Shaun of the Dead and my oldest brother wouldn’t have such a demented sense of humor. It all started with “the dead” series! Also, everyone should watch Martin


New #ChadVangaalen track Old Heads has me needing to save money to preorder his new album, Light Information from @subpop


New @deerhoofmusic single for new upcoming album Mountain Moves is a super cool and smooth track plus features Jenn Wasner from Wye Oak!

In this world of tyrants and CEOs seemingly hellbent on achieving the termination of our species, perhaps the most rebellious thing we could do is not die. Should we survive the global warming, the lack of healthcare, and the bombs, a more humane future may await us. Maligned for shirking their capitalist duty, it is the younger generations we center. Safeguarding our consciences is only part of the daily challenge, since we also need to navigate corporate-owned electronic media which both aids and saps our energies. Fans of Wye Oak will be thrilled (as we were) to hear Jenn Wasner harmonize with Deerhoof singer Satomi Matsuzaki, while fans of Gloria Gaynor, Bee Gees, or The Bobby Fuller Four may detect homage in the lyrics:

’I Will Spite Survive’
You could outlive your executioners but you’re on tv.
You’re expendable.
Sleep at night, if you can stay alive.
Stay alive, if you can sleep at night.
City breaks, if you can stay awake.
Let her dance, all night long!

The voices of reason and humanity are puzzlingly but systematically iced out of our national conversation by politicians and media bought by large corporations. Whether we’re talking about money in politics, trade deals, surveillance, bank bailouts, healthcare, climate change, Middle Eastern wars, or wealth equality, the mainstream popular view is dismissed as unrealistically ‘far left,’ while the views of a small dissenting minority are advanced as acceptably 'conservative,’ 'centrist,’ or 'liberal.’ That’s why news outlets NOT owned by large corporations are so lovable, and Democracy Now! may be the most lovable of them all.“

Read the whole article here:


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49: My Fellow Americans w/ Justin Michael & Ryan Rosenberg

Justin Michael and Ryan Rosenberg join me to watch My Fellow Americans and discuss how this movie starring two old film legends set them on a course towards doing comedy.

Listen now @boardwalkaudio:


Directed by: Peter Segal

Written by: E. Jack Kaplan, Richard Chapman, and Peter Tolan

Starring: Jack Lemmon, James Garner, Dan Aykroyd, John Heard, Wilford Brimley, Lauren Bacall, Sela Ward, Evertt McGill, Bradley Whitford, James Rebhorn, Conchata Ferrell

Movie Trailer:


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Additional Links:

Justin Michael - Twitter: , Batman The Animated Podcast: , Danger & Eggs:, UCB Show:

Ryan Rosenberg - Twitter: , Big Grande’s The Teacher’s Lounge: &

Black Panther Trailer:


Mark David Christenson | - Los Angeles

Mark David Christenson wants to coach your improv teams and sub coach too! Reach out:


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The Last Manifesto Show

After more than half a decade of bringing indie improv to the stage every Friday night, it’s time to hang up our hammer and sickle. Come join us for one last night of laughs, chock full of teams we love dearly! Plus, proceeds will be donated to the LA Indie Improv Festival! 

Long live improv for the people!

8pm - Doors Open

8:30pm - Free Show Begins

Penguins on the Playground (Mark David Christenson, Jen Krueger) with special mystery guests!

The Smokes (Susannah Becket, Neil Casey, Eugene Cordero, Katie Dippold, Brian Gallivan, Will Hines, Chris Kula, Tricia McAlpin, Billy Merritt, Joe Wengert)

Crashbar (Lilan Bowden, Will Doughty, Casey Feigh, Jacob Womack, Diana Wright)

9:30pm (no intermission)

Shakedown (Toni Charline, Rene Gube, Joel Jensen, Nick Mandernach, Hector Santa Cruz)

Convoy (Alex Berg, Todd Fasen, Alex Fernie)

and the founders of The Manifesto Show, Comrades (Mark David Christenson, Farley Elliott, Jen Krueger)

We are located at:
The Clubhouse []
1607 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

We are improv for the people so admission is free, but we urge performers and audience alike to throw a few rubles in the donation bucket. There will also be beer and water available with donation!



Check out the Trailer for Superpowerless @SPLmovie - good friend Duane Andersen directed it!


Staying Power by Trans Am