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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! 

Keep celebrating this great holiday on 

Saturday November 24th at L.A. for the Holidays: Real-Life Families Improvise Together - 7pm at UCB Sunset!!! - 

Grab Tickets:

Rolaschmort: Isabella Roland and her family, Claudia Lonow, JoAnne Astrow

With Those Genetics: Londale Theus Jr. and his family, Londale Theus Sr., Anise Hines

Oh Burbank: Jake Regal and his family, David Regal, Sam Regal

Many people travel to celebrate the holidays with family however this show is for those lucky to enough have family in Los Angeles.
LA based UCB improvisers are joined on stage by their real-life family members to perform improv comedy!

Hosted by the saddest Angeleno, Martin Mow, who has no family in the city and produced this show to only cheer himself up during the holiday season.

again featuring:

Rolaschmort: Isabella Roland and her family, Claudia Lonow, JoAnne Astrow

With Those Genetics: Londale Theus Jr. and his family, Londale Theus Sr., Anise Hines

Oh Burbank: Jake Regal and his family, David Regal, Sam Regal


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Tonight $2 off w/promo code BACK2SCHOOL - Come out and use the power of a voting audience to determine who wins!!!

LOTTA PEOPLE HERE TONIGHT (2-0): Shaun Diston, Devin Field


SOULMATE: Pete Byrnes, Jeremy Culhane, Natalie D'Amico, Emily Decker, Daryl Jim Diaz, Eric Pastore, Chelsea Pope, Riley Westling


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Tomorrow September 3rd Labor Day at 10:30pm at Upright Citizens Brigade Sunset after you’ve BBQ’d, boozed and pool partied come out and enjoy improv void of audience suggestion with JS & Dave present: No Suggestion Please featuring Knife Kids, Puddy and Obama’s Other Daughters  
Chicago has TJ and Dave, Los Angeles is stuck with JS & Dave!


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Small Town Improv returns to the UCB Sunset stage this coming 

Monday Night August 13th at 10:30pm - Grab Tickets:

plus Lou Wilson (American Vandal) has officially join the team and will be performing with us for the first time on Monday night!!!


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Paris Syndrome written, directed and starring Ross Buran, plus featuring Heidi Hayward and myself goes up on theUCB Sunset stage in Los Angeles, CA at 8:30pm tonight July 17th!!!

Grab Tickets Now:

Everyone knows Paris is the city of romance…or is it? Paris Syndrome, a new comedic play from Emmy nominee Ross Buran (Gay of Thrones), explores love lost and a war on Parisian sensibility.

A year removed from his divorce, a young-ish man decides the only way he can overcome the depressive hole he’s fallen into is to blame all the romance-mongers in Paris and sets off on an international journey of self-rediscovery… Well, sort of. Basically, he just wants to find the lock he and his ex-wife once hung on a Parisian bridge and cut it off.

After a successful Fringe run, Paris Syndrome is being staged at UCB-Sunset! We’ll be performing as a part of the standing show Legitimate Goddmamn Theater. If you missed it at fringe, check it out here! Or you know, if you’d just like to see it again.

Tickets available at:


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R.I.P Steve Ditko

Thanks for creating some of the most memorable comic book characters of all time!


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My new podcast hosted along with Kait Thompson, Aw, Crap…A Hellboy Podcast has officially landed on Apple podcasts and preferred podcast apps!

Listen now to the teaser episode then subscribe and follow @awcrapahellboypodcast on Instagram and @awcraphellboy on Twitter to be ready for the first episode to drop on July 25th!!!


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Come see this wonderful Fringe Show written, directed and starring Ross Buran and featuring Heidi Hayward and I this weekend! -


GLOW: Season 2 | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix

June 29th, one of favorite shows returns!!!


'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Finally Get the Movie Action Figures You Always Wanted As a Kid

If I had actual money to burn and a shelf to fill, I would definitely buy these, TMNT FAN for LIFE!


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Will there be a Ménage à Trois? Probably Not however this production will be a good one to see this Hollywood Fringe Festival!!!

Written, Directed and Starring: Ross Buran plus featuring Heidi Hayward and Mark David Christenson (me)

Grab Tickets now:

Opens this Saturday June 2nd at the Lounge Theatre!!!


Everything Is Rent by Beth Appel & Sarah Claspell | Campfire Media on Apple Podcasts

I am lucky to be a part of bringing a very entertaining podcast into the world and you can now subscribe and be in on the ground floor of Beth Appel and Sarah Claspell’s Everything Is Rent podcast w/ a beautiful logo designed by James Mulholland, this is a show you don’t want to miss on Campfire Media. It’s great for the Rent Fan, Rent despiser, and anyone that has never seen or heard Rent before! Subscribe now, on Apple Podcasts or preferred podcast app:


Spoiler Country

Tickets for tonight’s Spoiler Country at UCB Sunset have dropped to $2!!! 

Grab them and come see the show!!!


Here’s Your First Look at “The Break with Michelle Wolf”


This Sunday, May 27th, Michelle Wolf will kick off her weekly late night series The Break with Michelle Wolf on Netflix complete with monologue, remote segments, bits, and an ultra fancy desk (in fact, it’s nicer than most late night talk talk show desks).

Of course, this is the second phase of Michelle Wolf dominating 2018 as she is just coming off of her spot on roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Also, we have a feeling that is the start of Netflix figuring out late night as they also have a weekly Hasan Minhaj show on deck too. We will all have to wait and see how true that notion is.

In the meantime, you can watch a teaser trailer for The Break with Michelle Wolf here.

Excited to watch this!