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I am lucky to be a part of bringing a very entertaining podcast into the world and you can now subscribe and be in on the ground floor of Beth Appel and Sarah Claspell’s Everything Is Rent podcast w/ a beautiful logo designed by James Mulholland, this is a show you don’t want to miss on Campfire Media. It’s great for the Rent Fan, Rent despiser, and anyone that has never seen or heard Rent before! Subscribe now, on Apple Podcasts or preferred podcast app:


Spoiler Country

Tickets for tonight’s Spoiler Country at UCB Sunset have dropped to $2!!! 

Grab them and come see the show!!!


Here’s Your First Look at “The Break with Michelle Wolf”


This Sunday, May 27th, Michelle Wolf will kick off her weekly late night series The Break with Michelle Wolf on Netflix complete with monologue, remote segments, bits, and an ultra fancy desk (in fact, it’s nicer than most late night talk talk show desks).

Of course, this is the second phase of Michelle Wolf dominating 2018 as she is just coming off of her spot on roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Also, we have a feeling that is the start of Netflix figuring out late night as they also have a weekly Hasan Minhaj show on deck too. We will all have to wait and see how true that notion is.

In the meantime, you can watch a teaser trailer for The Break with Michelle Wolf here.

Excited to watch this!


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Tonight May 21 10:30pm Spoiler Country returns to UCB Sunset with the script for SOLO: A Star Wars Story - tickets:


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Tonight 5/18 at 8pm @squeezecomedy (Mark David Christenson, Jake Jabbour, Joe Saunders and Brian Palatucci) performs in the Scatter show hosted by Stray Humans at the Moving Arts theatre!!!



Mark David Christenson | - Los Angeles

I would love to coach and/or sub coach your team!!! I have quite a lot of daytime availability and flexible evenings. Please reach out via email: mark - More details:



Excited this is happening and my dream would be to be part of it!


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Grab Tickets now for PARIS SYNDROME in the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival!!! Written/Directed by Ross Buran and featuring Heidi Hayward and myself (Mark David Christenson)

Everyone knows Paris is the city of romance…or is it? Paris Syndrome, a new comedic play from Emmy nominee Ross Buran (Gay of Thrones), explores love lost and a war on Parisian sensibility.

A year removed from his divorce, a young-ish man decides the only way he can overcome the depressive hole he’s fallen into is to blame all the romance-mongers in Paris and sets off on an international journey of self-rediscovery… Well, sort of. Basically, he just wants to find the lock he and his ex-wife once hung on a Parisian bridge and cut it off.


Hello friends, make your next event as unforgettable as this giant dino bird with Time Machine Slow Motion Video Booth!!!


Mark David Christenson | - Los Angeles

I would love to coach your improv team, director your sketch show, director your play, director your short film! Choose me!


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Tickets went on-sale today for PARIS SYNDROME, written by Ross Buran!!! I am lucky to be featured alongside Heidi Hayward in this ​Hollywood Fringe production!!! @hollywoodfringefestival-blog

Grab tickets now: 


Looks like a lotta FUN!


Time Machine

Make your next event unforgettable with @TimeMachineVid - Slow Motion Video available within minutes for you share with the world!!! 

Check it out and tell them I sent you!!! Time Machine


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@avengersfilm: Infinity War hits theaters tonight however the Avengers Assemble on the UCB Franklin stage tonight at Midnight to perform a monoscene!!! Hosted by Joseph Clift and I – 76 Performers will take the stage to make this an epic midnight show!!!


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Wow! I had the chance to watch my favorite Darren Aronofsky movie The Fountain and discuss it on The 500 Greatest Films Podcast with hosts Keller Knoblock and Hector Navarro - Listen on iTunes/Apple podcasts: